Peer Youth Movement is a Social Enterprise.

We envision a world where vulnerable communities are able to live sustainable livelihoods.

Our Mission is to empower vulnerable young people live sustainable livelihoods through agribusiness, financial literacy and financial inclusion.

Our Model

We offer a Recoverable Support Package (RSP) to young vulnerable farmers to help improve and increase their productivity, yield and income. 

The Recoverable Support Package (RSP) includes;
  1. Technical support
  2. Digital Bookkeeping
  3. Financial literacy and financial inclusion
  4. Direct access to quality inputs
  5. Ready Market for their produce
  6. Value Addition

Digital Bookkeeping
Through the E-Lima App, we provide both online and offline user interfaces for our farmers to help them do paperless bookkeeping and create a digital record of their performance in terms of amount of produce, expenses, farm inputs, loan amount from the credit scheme, deliveries and their revenue plus income.

This in turn builds a credit history which we use to link these farmers to financial institutions who wouldn't have otherwise  been able to access credit because of credit unworthiness. 

This has helped them expand their farms and increase productivity, yield and income.

Technical Support
We offer peasant farmers technical support to include but not limited to training on how to grow certain crops effectively and efficiently using the available technology, direct access to quality inputs, financial literacy training and enrolling them in our microcredit and savings scheme.

This has equipped them with the required skills to increase productivity, high quality output and to build their credit worthiness

Ready Market and Value Addition
For food crops like maize, we directly buy it from these peasant farmers so that they don't have to struggle to look for market and to get frustrated with storage space.

We further add value like producing nutritious flour for children and adults.

This has also been a motivation to these farmers since they are certain that once their harvest is ready, Peer Youth Movement is buying the produce right away.

For those other food crops we don't directly buy from the farmers for example the vegetables, we link them to customers who are willing to buy at an attractive price. For example supermarkets and door to door delivery. 

Meet our Founder

Very passionate about agriculture. I believe to be part of the solution. I believe every person deserves a better life. At Peer Youth Movement, we want to make sure we improve the livelihoods of young people through agribusiness and helping them learn the discipline of money. Please take this journey with us and Donate to our cause.